Pilot Program Overview

Lehigh is piloting a new course materials program called Learning Unlimited for undergraduate students. The program will ensure students have all their materials across all courses prior to the first day of class. This is a three-year pilot program expected to improve classroom preparedness, retention, and academic success. The Learning Unlimited program drives affordability by bundling the cost of all required course materials into one low charge making course materials more accessible to all students. The negotiated price is locked in with publishers annually, allowing families to budget the entire cost of their education for the academic year. 

Instead of purchasing materials a la carte, the Learning Unlimited course materials program will provide access to all required course materials for full-time undergraduate students before the first day of class for one flat fee per semester. The program provides the faculty-selected and accurate version of all required textbooks, lab manuals, access codes, and digital materials. 

The Lehigh Store will provide each student with a convenient package for physical textbooks and digital materials will be delivered directly to CourseSite. 

Lehigh will charge a course material fee for each semester, but unlike other fees, students will be able to opt out of Learning Unlimited by the add/drop date at their sole discretion. They can also opt back-in if they change their mind.

This program will begin with the Fall 2024 semester. The fees will be:

  • Fall Semester 2024: $375
  • Spring Semester 2025: $375

If you have questions, please contact The Lehigh Store manager, Renee Lutz, at inlulu@lehigh.edu or 610-758-3375.

Personalized Course Materials Page

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  • Full-time undergraduate students receive all course materials before the first day of class. Digital materials are easily available with one-click access inside the CourseSite LMS. Physical materials are available through The Lehigh Store and will be distributed through the Mail Center.

  • One low, predictable flat fee per semester allows students and families to plan ahead and save an average of 35% to 50% off the new price during a student’s academic journey at Lehigh.

  • All undergraduate students pay the same per-semester price, regardless of major or number of  semester credit hours.

  • No shopping around. No book lists to worry about. All materials are included.

  • Students may choose to opt out on a semester basis.

  • Learning Unlimited fees are added to student fee bills and eligible financial aid may be used for payment.